For beekeepers



Winter patties for bees 

Bee cake is a product designed to feed bees with a solid consistency. We produce it mainly on the basis of glucose and fructose, although other ingredients essential for the proper functioning of bees are also included in the composition. The bee dough we offer is characterised by its high elasticity and plasticity. As a result, it can be shaped as desired. 

Importantly, our bee food can be used all year round. Appropriate proportions have allowed us to limit the crystallisation of the food during negative temperatures. However, bee dough is most often purchased in spring when there is a risk that the bees may run out of their own supply. 

By purchasing our bee cakes, you can be sure that the food is well balanced and fully covers the bees’ needs. Each portion of the cake has the same composition, so you do not have to worry about feeding the bees differently. 


sztuczny miód


Bee syrup 

Bee syrup is another type of ready-made bee food, this time in liquid form. Like bee cake, syrup is immediately ready to use. Simply open the container and feed the bees. The composition of bee syrup consists mainly of glucose and fructose, as well as other sugars. This well-balanced composition fully covers the bees’ needs. 

The bee syrup we produce is subjected to a number of laboratory tests. This ensures that the finished food is free from impurities that could be dangerous to bees. Our syrups are therefore not only a fully nutritious food, but also completely safe. 


syrop glukozowy