Specialised products

Our product range includes not only standard semi-finished products, but also specialised products. We develop these with specific, often innovative applications in mind. Many of the specialised products available in HFG can be used in more than one way, which allows confectioners or bakers working with them to let their imagination run wild and create completely new and original flavours.

All the specially developed products in our offer are manufactured in-house, as we have our own production lines and laboratory. This ensures that you receive a high-quality produce that meets all the relevant standards. Of course, our products are thoroughly tested before they are released onto the market, so we are 100% sure of their quality.


The range of specialised products

Our offer mainly includes different varieties of fondants. One of the most innovative, is Fondant Spray. This is a product designed to make finished glazed products frostable. Fondant Spray does not require the addition of water, so it can be used in spraying or coating equipment. Depending on the temperature, both thin, translucent layers and dense, fully opaque layers can be achieved with it. Our range of speciality products also includes Fondant SOFT, which can be used to glaze surface cakes such as cheesecakes or apple cakes. Fondant F20 can be used for the filling of various types of chocolates or pralines and also as a glaze. All of these products are suitable for colouring and flavouring. They therefore form the basis for a wide variety of colour and flavour variations.

Morover, in our offer one can also find flavoured pommades, such as caramel, toffee and milky fondants, that allow for creation of even tastier fillings or glazes, with a minimum effort of the producer.

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